Back Row (L to R): Brittany Perkins, BSN, RN-BC, Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital; Shana Peyton, BSN, R.N., CEN, Norton Audubon Hospital; Elizabeth Brady, BSN, R.N., Norton Audubon Hospital; Agnes Autrey, BSN, RN-BC, Norton Hospital; Linda W. Tuttle, MSN, CCRN-K, SCRN, Norton Brownsboro Hospital;
Front Row (L to R): Alexis Owens, BSN, R.N., CCRN, Norton Hospital; Adetayo Amos, M.S., BSN, R.N., Norton Brownsboro Hospital.

Coming together around shared values and goals fosters trust, commitment and fresh thinking, and Norton Healthcare Institute for Nursing is using these concepts to build a progressive system nursing education model. As a key first step, all facility-based clinical educators now are part of Norton Healthcare Institute for Nursing.

Julie Wolford, DNP, RN-MSN, director, Patient Care Operations, explains that Norton Healthcare Institute for Nursing and clinical education departments have worked closely together for many years. This new integration further aligns resources to meet the needs of all nursing specialties and facilities. It also includes all shifts.

“Many new graduates start with night shift work, so it’s critical to have support in place for them,” Julie said.

This initiative began in September 2017 when clinical educators from across multiple facilities joined forces to develop a specialty service line model to drive high-quality education and support now and into the future. Systemwide phase-in began in January 2018 with an objective to:

  • Promote shared goals and processes across facilities and specialty service lines
  • Leverage resources to meet the needs of staff nurses and nursing support staff where and when they perform their work
  • Achieve a high level of competency among nursing staff
  • Foster nurse engagement and retention, and improve patient outcomes

This unique approach is a triple win. It brings educators into leadership roles. It uses evidence-based best practices to drive achievements that tie to system goals. Best of all, it inspires and recognizes great human interactions.

“Togetherness is a hallmark of our Norton Healthcare culture. It empowers us to better serve our nurses and educators, and ultimately those who entrust us with their care,” Julie said.